Controlled Aggression

  • Sometimes we may find ourselves in situations where external factors impact our feelings, thoughts and emotions negatively. 
  • Things may happen that ‘piss me off’.
  • Find ways to convert those negative feelings to positive action
    • Use it to fuel your fire
    • Reflect back on those feelings when you want to quit
  • Don’t feed into the negativity!
    • By fueling negativity we encourage the behavior to continue
    • We dwell on things that don’t provide us with substance
    • It’s not ‘turn the other cheek’. It’s ‘stored energy for a more positive use’.
  • Learn to let things go!
    • You can’t move progress forward if you don’t have the ability to leave the negative in the past
  • If you live amongst negativity, then you have to chase positivity!
    • Have a relentless drive to break the cycle and become the positive force you desire
    • Seek positivity the same way you would seek air if you were drowning!
    • It must be relentless because negative forces are meant to break you and build you even stronger!
      • The moment you give in to negativity, you will lose all sense of positivity 
      • Chase the light and be the change in this world

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