Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

In our pursuit of personal growth, it’s easy to settle comfortably in the routine of life after reaching a level of status or success.

This can handicap our growth and make you think you’ve ‘arrived’ in your purpose.

You have to condition yourself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I must clarify that living in an uncomfortable state has nothing to do with living in an unstable condition. There still needs to be structure and stability by taking educated risks.

When I say be comfortable being uncomfortable, I am referring to you conditioning yourself to seek new opportunity, knowledge, understanding, growth, etc.

Being someone who is never content or comfortable settling for remaining stagnant. Have an explorers mentality, always looking to know and do more!

This is a sure way to always grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Don’t fall victim to complacency.

Be a lion chaser!

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